The Clear Solution for Cleaner Engines

The EcoPower® System
  • Lowers exhaust gas temperature (EGT) by up to 30° C
  • Improves thrust-specific fuel consumption (TSFC) by up to 1.8%
  • Offered at a global network of on-airport locations with mobile support available nearly anywhere
  • Cleans the compressor and the fan in one process
  • Industry recognition for environmental innovation
  • Available as equipment-only "Do It Yourself" model
  • Compatible with most commercial engine models
Why EcoPower® is trusted by so many industry leaders.

Demonstrated Superior Results
  • Patented advanced wash technology
  • Cleans the compressor and fan in one process
  • Demonstrated results superior to conventional wash
  • Uses only pure deionized / demineralized hot water
  • No high power post wash engine run
  • No contamination to aircraft air system - No smell in passenger cabin
Easier and Faster
  • Easy for line maintenance team to implement
  • Wash at the gate, hangar, or on the apron
  • Tool-less set-up, patented atomized mist spray manifolds
  • 60 to 90 minute wash per engine
  • Fits your schedule
Save More Money
  • Lower fuel burn - up to 1.8%
  • Maintain high quality engine performance
  • Extend on-wing time
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Avoid incidents that can affect passengers
  • Outstanding bottom line savings
  • Exceptional return on investment
  • See the results: we will help you analyze your trend data
Implement a Wash Program
  • EcoPower® supports the regular engine washing of your entire fleet
  • Regular engine washing enhances engine performance for years
  • Avoids stability problems and in-flight incidents

EcoPower® has performed 102,939 washes for 280 customers.

Business Aircraft
Commercial Aircraft
Military Aircraft

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