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Almost all airlines maintain a couple of engines on standby for quick replacement. The cost of these engines are very expensive and are usually needed in case of emergency engine replacement.

EcoPower® can provide a complete storage solution for these standby engines. We will even transport the engine in and out of our facility to its desired location.

At our premises, in Amsterdam, we can meet your aircraft engine or APU storage requirements.

    Our facility is:
  • Secure
  • Access Controlled
  • Environmentally Controlled
  • Monitored for humidity causing corrosion

Why choose us?
While in, storage at other facilities, engines and APU's can be damaged due to corrosion. Ferrous material like iron and steel corrode in presence of moisture. Electronic equipment and components also suffer from micro-corrosion. Uncontrolled humidity in the facilitiy is the single major cause of corrosion. We provide protection, and actively monitor to prevent this type of corrosion.
With corrosion beginnning at 45% RH, EcoPower® monitors your engine at 24 hour, 7 day and 28 day intervals.

EcoPower® has performed 103,916 washes for 282 customers.

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