The Clear Solution for Cleaner Engines

Franchise Opportunities   Why add EcoPower® to your aviation services portfolio?

Why is EcoPower® a good business?
1) Engine washing with EcoPower® saves airlines money.
2) EcoPower® is more effective than other methods.
3) EcoPower® is faster and more convenient than other methods.
4) EcoPower® is ecologically friendly.

Why be a part of the EcoPower® Global Network?
1) You can add an attractive service to your business that will help your customers.
2) You get a well-developed, documented process that you can implement immediately, plus training and technical support to be successful.

What do I need for an EcoPower® Franchise?
1) Aerospace experience - we are part of a very technical, highly regulated industry.
2) Customers - airplane operators who are ready to sign up for your services.
3) Investment Capital to cover
• Local certification fees
• Initial franchise fee
• Pay for employees
• Insurance
• Rent for storage space
• Access fees to airport
• Startup expenses while you build your business
4) Quality certifications - FAR 145 or equivalent.

What support do I get from EcoPower®?
1) Quality equipment
2) Technical training
3) Robust sales and marketing materials
4) Specialized technical support
5) Dedicated helpdesk

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EcoPower® has performed 102,939 washes for 280 customers.

Business Aircraft
Commercial Aircraft
Military Aircraft

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